Ways You Can Help a Hoarder

Hoarding is the buying or acquiring of material possessions when one is either depressed or going through a series of emotional stress.  Hoarding is an activity that most of the people who take part in it are not proud of doing. Hoarding is at times worst-case scenarios of depression.  There are ways that you should avoid while reaching out to them especially the ways that seem as though you are attacking them. Many confuse hoarding for collection of items. Collectors are different from hoarders because unlike the hoarders, collectors will not hide their material. Hoarders will spend so much money in buying items that they are of less value in the society and hide them. When someone starts hoarding, they end up spending carelessly while in depression. Once someone who is hoarding gets to the denial stage, they would not want anyone to see what they do, so they result to completely isolating themselves or locking themselves. Hoarding is a serious activity that needs to handled in friendly ways that are briefly highlighted here!

It is important that first, you create time to always check up on the victim as many times as you can.  As you visit the victim, introduce new better mind distracting activities. Depression is a state that most victims try to hide to look as though they are happy when they are suffering from within. It is only when you create bonding moments that you will be in a position to know what the hoarding victim is emotionally dealing with. 

It is shocking to find someone in a room full of items that they do not use but you need to be calm about it.  High chances are that you will be shocked in seeing all the materials that they have and may feel like you should take the items.  The next idea on your mind is that you should ensure that their room is cleaned up.  That you already are close with the hoarding victim, you need to be patient if you want them to slowly change.  

For you to know exactly how to deal with hoarding, you need to take time and learn all that you can while getting more info. Just as suicide is a psychiatric case, hoarding is as much a whole psychiatric situation. If you want to connect and have the hoarding victim see you as someone they can rely on, you should listen to them, learn of these struggles and what makes them sad.

If you decide to do outdoor activities with the hoarding victim, refrain from going to malls or any shopping areas.  One of the reasons as to why hoarding is not encouraged is because the victim may end up using all his savings and earnings to just buy these items. 

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